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Fabric centering units made of stainless material Larger drum and more centering laths provide maximum fabric surface contact

Spiral expander group adjustment mechanism with motor - gearbox control

Increased production speed, better fabric surface touch and Pre-Dryer process prior to drying chambers

Padder frame, connection groups, idler rollers are stainless material

Liquid tank with pneumatic overturn and indirect heating system

Spiral expander rollers prior and following to liquid tank, driven by motor independently.

Final edge decurling unit between spiral expander roller and squeezing nip roller terminates edge curls.

Maximum pick-up values by Rollin brand squeezing rollers

Maximum 10-12 mm fabric edge wastage thanks to successful pinning accessories, top gumming unit and photocell controlled fabric edge trimming unit.

Alternative fabric edge spreading units with specially designed angles provide maximum performance

Revolutionary beltless pinning guider unit that puts an end to belt marks on fabric, provides better over-feeding, uncurls the fabric edges till pinning level

Fabric inlet frame; motor driven pneumatic system that designed for various pin, clip and coating processes

Stainless steel chain rail inlet protection covers

Top surface gumming application that 2-3mm close to chain pins provide minimum fabric edge and glue wastage

Cross located fan blower and nozzle system for homogenous heat distribution

Increased lint filter surface area, higher air flow rate by special nozzle structure

Air pressure and flow rate adjustment by two pieces independent inverter controlled fan motors in each chamber

Exhaust air discharge by built-in chimney system inside the chamber for energy saving

Floor, side doors and ceiling panel isolation material with 150 mm kg/m2 density, 200 +50 mm thickness

Adjustable nozzle system that works synchronized with rails. Energy saving and high efficiency with the system that keeps the air circulation only on fabric surface

Patented edge drying system built-in inside the chamber. Built-in edge drying application that eliminates the necessity of decreasing machine speed on edge gumming processes

Unique trimming by special disc type blades with grinding free, photocell control, automatic lubrication and blade cooling features

Ultrasonic fabric edge trimming system for polyester base fabrics

Lenze brand chamber fan motors, drive gearboxes, inverters and auxiliary control panel equipment